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My mother has trouble remembering and always misplacing things. After using Brainwell for 3 months, it has increased her memory. She also seems to be less tired. I think Brainwell totally worth it.



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It has helped me stayed alert and focused at work. My energy is good and I generally feel better. Highly recommend.



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Brainwell helps me to recall things. I have a hard time remembering and I use this product to help keep track of things.


Bon R.

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I've used Brainwell for the past year and have noticed improved mental focus and better sleeping patterns. I recommend it if you are looking for a mental edge!


Ros A.

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I been taking brainwell for 2 years already. it works great for me.

used to forget this and that. I have frequent headache, after I take brainwell, no more Headache. I can remember things better. I feel fresh and bright. Thanks Brainwell


Ms Suen

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Finished one box already. It improves my sleep and my mood. I am less nervous and more relaxed. Also better concentration. I’ve already made a second purchase.

Hope to keep my brain healthy.



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I used to get anxious and stress easily, my mood was poor and feels slightly depress at times, my sleep quality is also not great. Since I used Brianwell for around 1 month, these issues have improved. I especially feel less stressed now, and my energy level has improved. Overall the results has been positive with no side effects, I take 4 tablets per day and will continue using Brainwell.


Mr Ngai

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I have Parkinson's and trying to slow down the progress. Im currently still taking Brainwell. I didn't feel any adverse effects so far and will keep using it.



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Took 8 tablets every day for around half a month. No discomfort, I feel more energised and sleeps better at night. It eases my migraine a bit. I will continue to take Brainwell.

And, the taste of the herbs is strong but not awkward. The tablets size are easy to swallow.



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I used to wake up in the middle of the night, and Brainwell is a game changer! I finally had a good long sleep after taking Brainwell for 2 weeks. I feel wide awake and easier to concentrate.



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I finished the whole pack with 4 pills per day. Didn't have any side effects. I feel more or less the same in terms of memory, but it gave me a bigger urge to sleep at night.

I will consider taking it for longer.



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After taking Brainwell, I don't feel as tired or sleepy so easily as I used to be. I will continue taking it and see if the improvement lasts.

Although Brainwell contains traditional Herbal, it actually does not taste as bitter as I thought it would be and surprisingly it has a slightly sweet flavor which makes it easy to take.


KC Yeung

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I love how stable the packaging is and the tablets are not susceptible to moisture or exposure to sunlight.

After eating a row, I stopped feeling light headed after waking up, and didn't feel any discomfort. I will continue to take it.


HK Tsui

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I had a little headache when I first started taking Brainwell but it went away after a few days and started to improve my sleep quality.

I guess perhaps the headache was because of my poor body condition and it did stop eventually so I would like to continue taking Brainwell to see if it has more benefits.



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After I was diagnosed with COVID-19, I was always feeling exhausted and seemed to have brain fog. Since I have been taking Brainwell for a few weeks now, I feel better and relaxed so I will keep taking it.



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I've been taking Brainwell for 2 weeks and so far not much has changed other than feeling a little energized.

From past experience while taking pills, I feel like they are so big to swallow. But not with Brainwell, I have no problem swallowing even taking four tablets at the same time, and I’m happy to continue taking it.

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